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RodneyHarrier -> importing 23.1 projects into 4.0 (8/13/2019 3:34:42 PM)

I created projects in Printshop 23.1 and then bought a laptop using windows 10. You guessed it--it was not compatible. I bought Printshop 4.0, but when I tried to import a Printshop 23.1 project into 4.0 I got an error exception message, saying something about white space on line 4. Then the program kept spinning until I finally clicked out of it. I need those projects! Please help me. Thanks.

ellengard -> RE: importing 23.1 projects into 4.0 (8/13/2019 4:35:26 PM)

Try importing some of your other projects. It is important to know if you get this error for all your older projects. If it is only certain ones (that are very complex), I can give you a workaround.

RodneyHarrier -> RE: importing 23.1 projects into 4.0 (8/19/2019 10:21:21 AM)

I tried other documents and pictures. They are fine. My guess is that the picture has become corrupted. Unfortunately, all my business correspondence is based on that logo picture. I think I will see where I got it and see if I can redo it

ellengard -> RE: importing 23.1 projects into 4.0 (8/19/2019 12:08:15 PM)

I have a working copy of v23.1 running on my older computer. I can extract your logo and convert it to a high res PNG with transparent background, if you want to send me your project file.

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