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Candini -> List of Fonts (9/12/2019 6:56:30 PM)

Hello! I am using Printshop 23.1. I was hoping someone could instruct me on how to print a list of the available fonts. In an older version (premier) the manual had a sample of all the fonts, and it was very handy. I downloaded a manual for 23.1 , but it doesn't have a similar list.

I would like to be able to select my fonts from a printed list, rather than having to scroll through each font individually in the software.

Any suggestions on how to print the available fonts?

thank you!

lindarobin -> RE: List of Fonts (9/13/2019 5:44:41 PM)

I can't get to a Win PC right now to confirm, but I believe you can open File Explorer and open the Fonts Subfolder within the Windows Folder. From there I think there is a print option to print the list of all installed fonts on your computer.

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