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nonnox15 -> PM8 Not enough disk space (1/18/2020 7:08:55 PM)

I have PM8 and my OS is Windows 10
I have been using PM8 for a long time.
Today when I tried to use it, I get a message that the project cannot be saved because there is not enough space on the disk.
I have never gotten this message before
I reinstalled PM8 from the disk.
My computer says I have 188 GB free on my hard drive.
Can anyone give me some help on this?
Please and thank youi.

lindarobin -> RE: PM8 Not enough disk space (1/18/2020 8:26:20 PM)

You have plenty of space on your hard drive. The problem is more likely that the project size or complexity is too much for the program to handle. This is not uncommon for multi-page projects with (too) many layers, many hi-res images and many special effects.

What type of project is this? Calendar, brochure, newsletter?

nonnox15 -> RE: PM8 Not enough disk space (1/18/2020 9:15:53 PM)

I haven't put anything into the project.
I save it at the beginning so that whenever I add something I can save it and not lose my work.
It says there is not enough disk space without any pictures, clipart, etc.
I have never had any problems with this program before.
Thanks for the response.

lindarobin -> RE: PM8 Not enough disk space (1/18/2020 9:51:56 PM)

Yeah, if the project won't save even when it's just a blank page, the program could be corrupted. You will need the help of tech support.

digitalhikes -> RE: PM8 Not enough disk space (1/21/2020 4:39:22 AM)


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