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bsment -> Avery Labels (7/6/2020 6:23:03 AM)

Has anybody created address labels and printed them? Not using the 'Ready Made Templates", but from scratch. I have designed a label, but cannot find the Avery Label template number listed, and cannot find how I can add the template required. Any suggestions?

ellengard -> RE: Avery Labels (7/6/2020 3:12:17 PM)

One thing I liked about the older version 8 was the ability to create custom size labels. This version 2020 does not have that. I have looked throughout the program and do not see any custom label options which typically have data fields for vertical and horizontal gaps, along with custom label height and width.

If you would like to post that information, I can create your custom label in version 8. I think this can then be opened in 2020.

lindarobin -> RE: Avery Labels (7/6/2020 3:50:12 PM)


ORIGINAL: bsment
... but cannot find the Avery Label template number listed, and cannot find how I can add the template required.

The Avery website may be helpful in identifying stock numbers. The template you want may be in the program, but as a different number. Many stock numbers use the same template because they have the same quantity, size, and positioning of labels. The different stock number differentiates (for example) white vs clear paper stock.

Also, the Avery website has an online design and print function for pretty much every stock they sell. You can upload your own image designed in PrintMaster, exported as JPG.

bsment -> RE: Avery Labels (7/6/2020 7:48:41 PM)

Hi Lindarobin

Thank you for the suggestion. Yes I was able to go to the Avery site, however when I uploaded my design from PM 2020, the image was too small and couldn't be adjusted. I ended up designing my entire label from scratch on the Avery website. Not really what I had in mind when I purchased the program. It seems like a waste of money.

lindarobin -> RE: Avery Labels (7/6/2020 9:09:16 PM)


ORIGINAL: bsment
... the image was too small and couldn't be adjusted...

When you are creating an image to be uploaded as a design element on a different program, you have to take a different approach. You would not use a PrintMaster label project because that is specifically for printing multiple small images.

Instead, you would create a custom sign project that is bigger than the label size, so that when you export as JPG at best quality, you actually end up with an image with better than 300 dpi resolution. Perfect for uploading to the Avery site.

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