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bpgeorgemichael -> Ordering the events on the calendar (7/13/2020 12:30:48 PM)

I am using this program to create our church calendar. I need to have the events list in a specific order on the calendar and it seems to be showing in alphabetical order. How do I force the events to display on the calendar in the order I need them to. I've tried using the priorities like I used to use in the Original Calendar Creator by Softkey but it's not working here.

I also have an issue when printing out the calendar where the free spaces in the days (where the small calendars display) comes out black and not the yellow as on the screen.

I'm on a deadline and hope someone can help me fix this soon.

DEJenc3 -> RE: Ordering the events on the calendar (7/13/2020 3:22:11 PM)

Could you please mention which version of Calendar Creator you're using?

I don't think think there's a way for you to do what you are trying to with any version of Calendar Creator that I've used. It seems to be designed to sort by specific criteria (your choice), and you would have to fit your events into something that would sort by that choice.

I think people have used text boxes instead of events in the past, and that could work as long as you're not trying to make a repeating calendar with events that occur over several years.

In my version of calendar Creator, 12.2, I don't see an option to show days with no events in the small calendars, so I can't help with the colors. How did you arrive at that option? What happens when you choose Print Preview as far as the colors are concerned? Have you tried printing to a PDF file, and does that make any difference with the colors?

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