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emilia -> Disappearing events (11/12/2020 5:14:33 PM)

Events are all shown in event list, however some stopped showing up on the calendar. It just started happening.

I have a lot of events, starting from 1990 or so. It does not seem to be a category issue since some events show but others don't from the same category.


DEJenc3 -> RE: Disappearing events (11/12/2020 10:11:44 PM)

The most likely reason for this is that you have the display box unchecked for some events in the event list. This is a toggle entry at the far left of each event on the event list: it allows you to uncheck an event to keep it from displaying in the calendar, but still having it available to reactivate later if you want it. If that is not what's causing it, please mention the version of Calendar Creator that you're using.

emilia -> RE: Disappearing events (11/13/2020 8:37:12 PM)

Thanks for your reply.

I looked at the "display boxes" and this is what I found:

The display boxes were all checked.
Toggling the boxes for events that did display worked to display/undisplay them
Toggling the boxes for events that did not display had no effect

I think the version is 12 Deluxe. That's what it says in the ReadMe file... not sure how else to find the version.

DEJenc3 -> RE: Disappearing events (11/13/2020 11:26:41 PM)

Here are other things you might try:

You said you didn't think this is a Category problem, but please check under Events, Categories, and make sure all Categories are checked.

Next, go to Events, Filters, and make sure all choices are unchecked.

When you do a Print Preview of the calendar, is there any difference in whether the events in question show or not?

What calendar View are you using (months, weeks, etc.)? Try changing to a different View and see if the events show.

emilia -> RE: Disappearing events (11/14/2020 7:05:30 PM)

Thanks again.

Tried your suggestions, here are the results:

All Categories are checked.
All Filters unchecked.
Print Preview - no events
Current view: Month
Change view:
Week - Yes! events show up
Multi-Week - Yes! events show up

Looking forward for your thoughts.

DEJenc3 -> RE: Disappearing events (11/14/2020 7:28:21 PM)

That's good news for troubleshooting. Was the Month view you're using customized in any way? That might be where the problem is. Even if it wasn't customized, what I'd suggest trying next is to create a new Month view. Just give it a different name from the one that's giving you the problem. If the new one works, then use that, and customize it as you like.

I hope this will take care of it. Either way, I don't know what would cause this particular problem.

You might consider upgrading to the current version of Calendar Creator: 12.2. It's designed to work on Windows 10. You didn't mention your operating system, but if it's Windows 10, the newest version would be safest, just in case that has anything to do with the problem.

emilia -> RE: Disappearing events (11/15/2020 7:52:26 PM)

Thanks DEJenc3 - that was brilliant.

I created a new month view and all the missing events reappeared!

This CC runs on XP. The primary user is in her 80s and doesn't want to change.

I can find no evidence of customization... Month view worked until it didn't.

Thanks again for your help.

DEJenc3 -> RE: Disappearing events (11/15/2020 9:29:11 PM)

I'm very glad this worked out. If the computer is running on XP, I agree, no need for an update. My guess is it was just something that corrupted the View that you were using, maybe an errant keystroke at some point.

If you aren't already doing it as part of a routine, I suggest that you backup the calendar to another place just to have a point you can return to in the future. Good luck!

emilia -> RE: Disappearing events (11/24/2020 3:05:02 PM)


Everything is working well now with no further issues and she is happy.

I think your suggestion of "errant keystroke" is correct. It happens to her quite a bit and usually ends up in her moving files to unexpected locations.

I think we can consider this matter closed. Thank you again for all your help; couldn't have fixed it without you.


DEJenc3 -> RE: Disappearing events (11/24/2020 6:01:45 PM)


I'm very glad that the calendar is working, and that the problem has not returned. Thank you for letting us know. This was a problem that I've never seen before in the forums, and it's always possible that someone else will have a similar issue and will find this thread in a search. You were very helpful in trying all the suggestions, since it was a trial and error journey. Good luck with it, and don't hesitate to post back here on the forum if it happens again or another issue arises.

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