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BanJaker -> Printing Issue (12/3/2020 10:21:55 AM)

Using Calendar Creator v12.2
Used it last year no problem. This year I was starting to print my calendar January - December 2021. It printed through July 2021, then stopped.
I tried just sending the last 6 months, nothing.
I closed everything, restarted the computer, nothing
Tried only one month, nothing.
Printer is fine, I can print from Word or any other software.
What could have happened?

DEJenc3 -> RE: Printing Issue (12/3/2020 10:31:15 AM)

Please see if the issue described in this post solves the problem. If not, post back and we'll go from there.

BanJaker -> RE: Printing Issue (12/3/2020 12:13:56 PM)

I am not printing facing pictures, only the months. I did go to the first month that stopped the printing and went into each date that has an event, doubled checked that the continue until was set in the future which it was. Here is a screen shot.


BanJaker -> RE: Printing Issue (12/3/2020 12:32:18 PM)

Ok, there seems to be something wrong with only August. I changed and could print all the rest of 2021 months. August will not print. I did check each day with a picture to make sure the until date was 2050, which they are. Any other suggestions?

DEJenc3 -> RE: Printing Issue (12/3/2020 3:27:15 PM)

When you do a Print Preview, do you see anything different from what shows when you print to paper? Do you see August?

Also, try printing to PDF to see what shows.

BanJaker -> RE: Printing Issue (12/3/2020 3:34:38 PM)

Print preview shows the same as the screen. Yes, I see August, no problem on screen, it just will not go to the printer. It would not let me save and print as pdf. I could save as jpg file, but it saved as portrait and I print in landscape. I checked each date again to see the continue until date. A couple I had 2060 so I changed all to read until 2050. However, some of the other months that print fine had the until 2060 date so that wasn't the issue.

I was debating on deleting each entry in August and reentering, haven't tried that yet.

DEJenc3 -> RE: Printing Issue (12/3/2020 4:16:57 PM)

To print to PDF, don't try the Save dialogue, but instead use Print as if you are printing to the printer, but instead choose as your printer Microsoft Print to PDF. You can choose where it saves the PDF file.

When you're using the print dialogue, how do you specify the time range? Do you enter the number of months that you want?

BanJaker -> RE: Printing Issue (12/3/2020 5:55:15 PM)

I tried saving the PDF in that way. Didn’t work.
I list the date range and it automatically puts the number of months.

DEJenc3 -> RE: Printing Issue (12/3/2020 6:10:31 PM)

Can you describe where the print to PDF process failed? It works fine for me. You have to give the calendar PDF file a name in order to save it.

Have you tried printing ONLY August to the printer, and what happens?

Another thing to try: Open a new blank calendar, and import the problem calendar into that one, and see what happens when you try to print the new calendar.

BanJaker -> RE: Printing Issue (12/4/2020 9:33:08 AM)

I did the PDF print and save like you said, once named, then it goes away. If you look at the file location where I saved it, you see the file size is "0" as all the other PDF's I have tried saving. Screen shot.

I also tried opening a new calendar and adding the old calendar, no print for August.


DEJenc3 -> RE: Printing Issue (12/4/2020 9:48:03 AM)

Are there any pictures used in August that appear nowhere else in the calendar? I wonder if an image could cause a problem?

lindarobin -> RE: Printing Issue (12/4/2020 12:00:50 PM)

Your August images are very large file size. Remove them and see if that allows August to print. If that works, you can resample the images in a photo editor and use the resampled images in your calendar.

lindarobin -> RE: Printing Issue (12/4/2020 12:08:43 PM)

You can use MS Paint to create a jpg version of the image. Resize pixel resolution to less than 600x600. Anything bigger is overkill unless it's a facing picture.
edited: I misinterpreted your screen capture - those image files are the ones you created of your Aug calendar, not the image files used within the Aug calendar, is that right?

However, the file size for your calendar is perhaps too large for this program to handle. Over 20 MB is suspicious for a CC file with no facing pages. Unless you DO have facing pages, in which case, resampling those photos will solve the size issue.


BanJaker -> RE: Printing Issue (12/4/2020 2:03:02 PM)

BINGO! That was it. I went in and resized each picture in the month of August and then it printed. Thanks for the help, I'll check image size now before I use a new picture.

lindarobin -> RE: Printing Issue (12/4/2020 2:20:00 PM)

Excellent, glad it's now working. Thanks to David for first mentioning a suspect image.

BanJaker -> RE: Printing Issue (12/4/2020 2:31:46 PM)

Right, I had thought of the picture before like he said, but I had used all the pictures in August in other months without issue. So the size was the issue. Maybe the number of anniversaries in August was just enough that the size mattered. Thanks again for the help. Made myself a note if this ever happens again to check that first.

lindarobin -> RE: Printing Issue (12/4/2020 3:20:37 PM)


... but I had used all the pictures in August in other months without issue...

You mean the clipart that appears in the date cells? For sure. Crop and resample to 600 x 600 pixels*, preferably JPG or GIF formats for raster images.

*if printing on letter size paper, 600 x 600 is high resolution enough to print sharp as a little picture inside a date cell.

lindarobin -> RE: Printing Issue (12/4/2020 3:59:38 PM)


... Maybe the number of anniversaries in August was just enough that the size mattered.

That's an interesting thought, so I ran a couple of tests. Turns out that a graphic chosen to be displayed for all anniversaries, will not change the calendar file size when there are many anniversaries vs just a few anniversaries. The calendar file size grows with the addition of every unique graphic.

edited: hmmm... although, if it is a very high resolution graphic that appears dozens of times in the year, it WOULD cause the printer to spool for a long time, and possibly crash.

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