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cpotter900 -> ampersand sign (1/16/2021 1:05:39 PM)

Why can't I print the ampersand sign (&)
IE type: Alex & Ethan
Prints: Alex _ Ethan
Does not matter what font I use.

Older versions worked fine. Calendars opened from an older file work fine, new calendars do not.

DEJenc3 -> RE: ampersand sign (1/16/2021 1:34:50 PM)

What version of Calendar Creator are you using? I'm using 12.2, and your example doesn't cause the same problem for me. Where I've always had problems with the ampersand is with single letters, where CC will make the second letter lowercase. Example: M&M becomes M&m. I suspect this is because the ampersand is a control character used in Calendar Creator formulas, such as the birthday function.

cpotter900 -> RE: ampersand sign (1/16/2021 2:11:25 PM)

I'm using 12.2. I found I only have the problem in the year view calendar, works fine for a monthly one.

cpotter900 -> RE: ampersand sign (1/16/2021 2:16:00 PM)

text in a month view is wrong, but an event is fine.
Both text and event are wrong in the year view

DEJenc3 -> RE: ampersand sign (1/16/2021 2:27:39 PM)

I see what you mean, and have no explanation. I'll ask that they send this to the developers to review. I wouldn't expect any change soon. You may have to use a workaround as I always have with the 2-letter problem: substitute "and" for "&".

cpotter900 -> RE: ampersand sign (1/16/2021 2:58:33 PM)


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