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DebbieJBert -> DebbieJBert (1/18/2021 7:36:45 PM)

I have Family Tree Maker version 9. I need to know how to turn my files into gedcom files so I can put it on a new computer. I am not to literate on the computer so
any help is appreciated.

lindarobin -> RE: DebbieJBert (1/19/2021 1:47:38 PM)

Hi, Debbie,

This Family Tree product hasn't been distributed by Encore for many years. Unfortunately, I don't think anyone here is familiar with that program. I did a Google search and found links to other sites that do support that title. I hope you will be able to find help there.

General Advice:
If I understand your problem correctly, you have files created in an old version ("A") of the product. These files won't open in the new version ("C") of the product. Usually, a version "B" can open "A", and resave the files in "B" format. Then "C" can open the "B" files. The difficult part is finding someone who is running version "B" who is willing to help you.

Some programs have the option to export your file to a "standard format" such as CSV or even an Excel spreadsheet. This is useful if the new program can import the standard format.

Just found this link. Perhaps it is relevant to your situation.

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