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lonepine -> Sorting by priority (12/22/2021 12:10:48 PM)

I'm using Calendar Creator V and when I assign a priority to an event it will not sort in the proper order. None of the events are timed so I can't find what's stopping me from making this work properly . . . . .

lindarobin -> RE: Sorting by priority (12/22/2021 11:36:40 PM)

I am not nearly as familiar with this program as David is, so hopefully he can comment further or correct my statements.

edited: (I removed my prior incorrect advice. See David's post below. Thanks, David!)


DEJenc3 -> RE: Sorting by priority (12/23/2021 9:36:08 AM)

I am unfamiliar with Calendar Creator V Is this possibly the 2016 version? This would probably apply to version 11 and later.

Here's some text from an older post. See if this helps.

Priority and Sort events:

Start with this: Right-click in an empty date box. Choose Properties. Go to the Miscellaneous tab and look down to find "Show timed events" and "Sort events by." Choose your own preference for "Show timed events" from the drop-down box, and change "Sort events by" to Priority (up or down, as you like).

If this doesn't achieve what you want, let us know what you're seeing, including the kind of view you're using, and we'll see if another suggestion is in order.

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