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MarieBoyer -> half-fold notecard (5/4/2005 6:18:19 PM)

I know how to do an 8 1/2 x 11 half-fold card. I see the quarter-fold cards. Is there a way to do a traditional, half-fold notecard (same dimensions as the quarter-fold but only a half-fold)?

There must be an easy answer here. I feel a little stupid. I looked through the knowledgebase and my manual. Thanks for your patience and advice.

Midge -> RE: How to do a traditional, half-fold notecard (5/4/2005 6:53:04 PM)

Hi Marie,

If you are using Print Shop 20, you can select a Notecard project by

1. Clicking on Greetings on the Project Picker window

2. Clicking on the Next button - after you make sure that 'Printed Greeting Cards' is selected in the 'Select A Greeting' section.

After clicking on Next, you should see options for Quarter-Fold, Half-Fold and Notecard.

3. Click in the circle next to Notecard

4. Select either Customize a QuickStart Layout or Start From Scratch at the bottom of that section

5. Click on Next.

After selecting and customizing your project, and when you are ready to print, you will see an option on the Print screen that will allow you to select the number of Notecards you would like to print, and where you would like the Starting Notecard to be printed if you choose to print only one.

If you are using an older version of Print Shop than Print Shop 20, and if you don't see the same options I explained above, please tell me which version of Print Shop you are using.

MarieBoyer -> RE: How to do a traditional, half-fold notecard (5/4/2005 7:11:04 PM)

I have Printshop 20. That worked. Thank you, thank you! This forum is my best find to date. Much appreciated.

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