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GailL -> Creating stickers (10/16/2005 1:20:24 PM)

Is it not possible to create different stickers on a sheet of stickers rather than all of the same?



Midge -> RE: Creating stickers (10/16/2005 1:36:46 PM)

Hi Gail,

If your version of Print Shop has a STICKERS option on the Project Picker window, the workspace should display all stickers on the screen at the same time. You can then create different stickers on a sheet of stickers.

But, if your version of Print Shop contains Stickers layouts only in the Labels section, you will not be able to place different text on a sheet of stickers unless you use a mail merge. And, you will not be able to use different graphics on different stickers.

GailL -> RE: Creating stickers (10/16/2005 3:45:14 PM)

My version is Print shop 21. Stickers are included with labels. Darn, I was afraid of that! Thanks for answering me, tho. [:)]

lindarobin -> RE: Creating stickers (10/16/2005 8:25:11 PM)

How about opening a new blank page project and adding a table, formatted with the same number or rows and columns as the sticker sheet, with cell sizes that match the label size? Then you can have something different in each cell ("sticker").

Sticker sheets with no gaps between the stickers are easy to create a table for. It's a little trickier if there are gaps, but still do-able.

GailL -> RE: Creating stickers (10/19/2005 1:00:31 PM)

Hey, that sounds like a great idea. I will try it. Thanks, Linda.


lindarobin -> RE: Creating stickers (10/19/2005 11:29:02 PM)

You're welcome, Gail. Leave a generous amount of "cell padding" inside each sticker so that you don't risk having each sticker design printing into the next sticker.

Label projects show a dotted line margin around each sticker to keep that from happening and the cell padding will mimic this.

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