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Uncle_B -> WMF graphics (10/19/2005 7:13:04 PM)

I am new to this program as well as using computers, I was wonder if someone can explain to me what is a WMF File and how to use it other programs besides Printshop 21 ?

ANy help would be Greatly Appreciated.


Midge -> RE: WMF (10/19/2005 7:22:04 PM)

Hi Uncle_B,

WMF stands for Windows MetaFile. A WMF file always contains a graphic image.

There are, basically, two types of computer graphic images - Raster/Bitmap and Vector.

Raster/Bitmap images are represented by pixels (dots or bits). Photos are always Raster/Bitmap images. BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, PICT (Macintosh), PCX, TIFF and PSD (Adobe Photoshop) are common file extensions for Raster/Bitmap images.

Vector images are not represented by pixels (dots or bits). Instead, Vector images are made up of commands to draw objects such as lines, polygons and text and commands to control the style of these objects. The Vector image format is often used for clipart images. AI (Adobe Illustrator), CDR (CorelDRAW), CMX (Corel Exchange), CGM Computer Graphics Metafile and DXF AutoCAD are common file extensions for Vector images.

A WMF Windows Metafile image can contain any mix of Raster/Bitmap and Vector graphics.

WMF images can be used in any graphic-enabled program which is compatible with the WMF format. So, WMF images would normally be Imported or Inserted in the same manner that you would Import or Insert either a Raster/Bitmap image or a Vector image.

lindarobin -> RE: WMF graphics (10/19/2005 11:45:49 PM)

I would like to add (it is implied in Midge's description, but may not be deduced by beginners) that a major feature of vector graphics is that they can be resized without any distortion. For example, a polygon, its ratios and angles defined by a mathematical equation, can be enlarged from stamp size to poster size without blurring/pixelation because you are not "stretching" the image; you are re-applying the math.

Uncle_B -> RE: WMF graphics (10/20/2005 2:08:53 AM)

Thanks for the Info. [:)]

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