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JasonC -> Hoyle Casino 3D: Patch Information (8/19/2007 7:23:28 PM)


Version 1.3 fixes the following issue:

1. Hall of Fame winners fixed

Fixed in Version 1.2:

1. Craps place bets now pay out correctly
2. Craps tournament now allows all money on table
3. Craps Horn bet pays out correctly
4. Ruby River, Emerald Oasis and Margarita Madness Slots max bet now is set correctly
5. Community cards are now spread out on the table for realism
6. Custom Poker tournament settings are saved automatically

Fixed in Version 1.1

1. Tournament Rounds 2 and 3: Set bankroll to fixed amount for ALL players, not just joining AI players.
2. Max bets fixed for Let it Ride, 3 Card Poker, etc. Tournament Betting: Changed bet validation for human player to verify that bankroll is sufficient for all three bets, but each inidividual bet is limited to the min/max bet, rather than the total bet.

Click here to download HoyleCasino3D.exe (4.63 MB)


1.Right click on HoyleCasino3D.exe and select copy
2.Right click on the Hoyle Casino 3D desktop icon
3.Click on properties, click on find target
4.Right click in the new window and select paste
5.Click on yes to overwrite the old executable

**Please Note**

Later pressings of Hoyle Casino 3D discs currently in the retail environment (Value Software Version) already have the 1.3 patch incorporated into the game, so they are not necessary.

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