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Cottage Classics -> Bold Font issue Printmaster 18 Gold (2/3/2009 10:14:29 AM)

I am new here, so forgive me if I am in the wrong section. I am having trouble with the bold not working on the Duchess font. I thought it would just be there when I transferred the program to my new computer (vista). When it didn't work properly I bought a new Printmaster CD and installed it. That didn't work. Is it because of my new computer having vista operating system? I don't even see the Duchess Bold font listed in the 1000 fonts that I have. Can I download the Duchess Bold or is it something wrong with the program itself? Is there another font that looks similar? I thought I'd just ask instead of searching for hours through all those fonts!

Brandy redux -> RE: Bold Font issue Printmaster 18 Gold (2/3/2009 11:05:58 AM)

Hi Cottage Classics,

No, your problem with the Duchess Bold font is not because of your new computer having the Vista operating system. Even though I have the Duchess font installed on my XP computer, it is not possible to apply the Bold attribute to that font.

So, your problem is related to the fact that some fonts, such as Duchess, cannot be displayed in bold unless there is a specific bold font file installed on your computer - such as the Duchess Bold that you used to see on your computer but do not see now. And, the newer versions of PrintMaster do not include the Duchess Bold font.

I am not aware of anyplace where you would be able to download the Duchess bold font. And, I am not aware of any font that looks similar to the Duchess Bold font. But, if you still have the CDs for the older version of PrintMaster, it is possible that you could find the Duchess Bold font on the install CD, then install that font into the C:\Windows\Fonts folder on your Vista computer.

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