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ginamarina -> Select-Silver-Gold-Platinum? (2/3/2005 3:58:12 PM)

Could someone please explain to me the difference in all these editions? I have Platinum 7.0, and I want to upgrade. Some reviews I've read said that 15 is a problem edition, I was looking at 12, but there are all these "types" - and for the life of me, I can't find a comparison or the answer, anywhere! I don't know if it's functionality, images or what.

If anyone knows, please disclose.


lindarobin -> RE: Select-Silver-Gold-Platinum? (2/3/2005 8:54:41 PM)

Here's my car analogy:

The version numbers are like the year the car was built. Older versions are replaced by newer versions, supposedly with previous bugs fixed and some new features.

The Select - Silver - Gold - Platinum editions are like car models. You have your basic compact and you move up to the luxury model with leather seats and plasma screen DVD player.

So Platinum edition has everything... all the art disks, all the advertised features. Select and Silver have fewer art images, perhaps even fewer projects and less features e.g. no built-in photo-editor or PDF converter.

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