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kiehnm -> Spacing Objects Equally (2/25/2012 7:59:33 PM)

I just purchased Print Shop 3.0 Professional. In my PS 23 I had the option to select several objects and space apart equally. I cannot find that option on PS 3.0 pro. Can I still do it or do I have to eyeball it?

Brandy redux -> RE: Spacing Objects Equally (2/25/2012 8:26:18 PM)

Hi kiehnm,

The 'Space Equally' options which are offered in PS 23 are not offered in PS 3.0. So, your only option, I'm afraid, would be to eyeball it.

Please do keep in mind that Print Shop 3.0 is not a true upgrade of any previous version of Print Shop. Instead, Print Shop 3.0 is a completely redesigned product which works in an entirely different manner than all earlier versions of Print Shop - even Print Shop 2.0.

If you ever decide that Print Shop 3.0 does not suit your needs, you will most definitely want to keep in mind that if you purchased Print Shop 3.0 from a retail store within the last 90 days or from or within the last 30 days, you are eligible for a refund - even after the software has been opened and installed.

Please click on the link below

to check out the Refund Policy.

kiehnm -> RE: Spacing Objects Equally (2/25/2012 10:13:57 PM)

The whole reason I purchased a new product t is that my PS 23 said e as PDF wasn't working. I downloaded the program so I did not ha e the disks to fix the problem. Maybe I should ha e purchased the updated PS 23? I couldn't find if it saves as PDF if that is an option.

Brandy redux -> RE: Spacing Objects Equally (2/25/2012 10:27:06 PM)

Hi kiehnm,

Even though the Broderbund PDF Creator in PS 23.1 will *sometimes* work with a 64-bit Operating System, it is sometimes necessary to click on the link below

then follow the directions in that FAQ for creating a New Port.

HOWEVER, if ANY Broderbund/Encore software which also uses the Broderbund PDF Creator is installed AFTER PS 23.1, the new installation will overwrite the PS 23.1 Broderbund PDF Creator, which will cause the PS 23.1 'Save as PDF' option to stop working - because the PDF drivers for the older Broderbund/Encore products are not compatible with 64-bit Operating Systems.

The recommended solution for dealing with PDF problems for ANY program is to download an alternate PDF driver, then 'Print to PDF' INSTEAD OF 'Save As PDF', as can be seen in this FAQ鵿

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