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MsBJDanner2u -> Postcards - Avery 2 per sheet (5/30/2013 9:56:03 AM)

I can't find the template for the Avery Postcards 5889 listed. I tried to create myself and only get 1 postcard per page when Avery 5889 is for 2. I also am having trouble getting the orientation right. Sorry for such basic questions - but I just don't know what I am doing wrong. Thank you for your time.

ellengard -> RE: Postcards - Avery 5889 (5/30/2013 10:29:45 AM)

Here's a screen capture to show how to create a new postcard stock, 2 on a page. My example is for 6.5 x 4.25, so you will input different numbers to get a different size and different spacing between them. Make sure you check This stock is a label.

If you need to change the orientation of the template as it appears on the design desk, Click the Project tab and then switch to the opposite orientation in the Paper Stock section.


MsBJDanner2u -> RE: Postcards - Avery 5889 (5/30/2013 11:43:39 AM)

Thank you! It is PERFECT![:)]

ellengard -> RE: Postcards - Avery 5889 (5/30/2013 1:36:18 PM)

You're welcome![:)]

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