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JasonC -> ^Web Only Support for Print Shop 3.0 (8/23/2016 9:47:35 PM)

Effective 8/23/2016, Encore Technical Support no longer offers email support for Print Shop 3.0 . All technical inquiries can be made on these forums. We have a vast amount of information collected over the years, so chances are if you have a problem, you can find the solution here on these forums, or on our Support website.

The Print Shop 3.0 Standard articles: http://support.encore.com/technicalsupport/product_detail.aspx?product_id=2832

The Print Shop 3.0 Deluxe articles: http://support.encore.com/technicalsupport/product_detail.aspx?product_id=2826

The Print Shop 3.0 Professional: http://support.encore.com/technicalsupport/product_detail.aspx?product_id=3781

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