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YogiG -> The Print Shop 21 Can't Open (4/13/2018 9:37:45 PM)

I'm trying to open the software but get a message that "The Print Shop 21.msi is missing and when I close it gives an "Error 1706" This also happened with my previous version.

ellengard -> RE: The Print Shop 21 Can't Open (4/13/2018 10:21:16 PM)

Win 10?

TMLFAN4LIFE -> RE: The Print Shop 21 Can't Open (4/14/2018 12:07:12 AM)

Yeah Ellengard may be right. You could be running Windows 10 and it's not compatible. You may be able to get somewhere installing but it may fail during the install sooner or later

If you want to open PS 22 or below projects, Encore still sells The Print Shop 23.1 for the purpose of working with your older projects. We still can help you get it working on Win 10 but be aware that Microsoft in the end will determine for how long older programs will still work.

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