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gkmaka37pop@gmail.co -> Unable to Print from Print Shop 5.0 (10/16/2020 6:59:38 PM)

I downloaded Print Shop 5.0 during June of 2019. I worked without any problem until I logged in about a month ago and saw a program update was available. After accepting the update, a project will not print.

When I click on the "Print" button nothing happens. It is as if it is nonfunctional

When I click on the down arrow above the "save" icon and then select "Print" I do not get a drop-down menu where I can select my printer, paper size, etc.

I have had numerous emails from tech support with no success. As a last resort, the tech support agent sent me a link for a new download of Print Shop 5.0 with detailed instructions on how to uninstall 5.0, clean out the registry folders, empty the recycle bin, etc; restart my computer, and then download 5.0.

I followed all of the instructions to the letter and after performing a new download I experienced the same problem. The tech agent had me check the version number of the new download which I did and he replied, "You are up to date."

I may be "up to date" but the program still will not print. Yes I can print documents from other software so it is not the printer.

Any suggestions? Tech support cannot help.


lindarobin -> RE: Unable to Print from Print Shop 5.0 (10/17/2020 12:51:16 PM)

If there is a newer print driver for your model, that may solve the issue. Otherwise I can only suggest a workaround. Export your project to PDF or JPG. The PDF will print from Adobe Reader. The JPG will have to be added to a blank project in another program, to be properly sized and positioned for printing.

Compare both files at 200% or more zoom. One may be sharper than the other, so that's the preferred one to print. If there's a lot of text and the PDF embedded the fonts, then the PDF is probably the one to print.

In the past, I have found that exporting to JPG produced sharper images than the PDF, but that may have changed depending on the PDF driver being used.

ConradAS -> RE: Unable to Print from Print Shop 5.0 (10/17/2020 3:57:14 PM)

I also have a print problem with Print Shop 5.0.
A few days ago, I created a new project and tried to print it. I created a PDF so that I could print this project on another PC.
When I click on "Save As PDF", I get a chance to name the file, then I get the "Rendering" message.
When the "Rendering" is finished, the file name is created, but it has a size of "0".
Please Help.

lindarobin -> RE: Unable to Print from Print Shop 5.0 (10/17/2020 4:29:43 PM)

If you have another PDF driver you can print to, that would be my first suggestion. I use the free and versatile Cute PDF Writer:

It works with ALL programs.

Some projects are so large and complex that they are difficult to render to PDF or for direct printing. Creating a flattened (simplify to one layer) file to print (or convert to PDF) always works for me. In Photoshop, I merge all visible layers, but in The Print Shop, exporting to JPG is the closest thing.

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