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wnkburns -> Save as PDF (2/9/2022 5:25:56 PM)

Save as PDF no longer works. I can still accomplish the same thing by printing to a virtual printer that crates PDF files.

The error is Printer not activated, error code -30.

JasonC -> RE: Save as PDF (2/10/2022 7:35:31 AM)

What operating system are you using? And what kind of project are you designing? It should not have an impact on printing but some projects can possibly throw the PDF printer for a loop.

wnkburns -> RE: Save as PDF (2/10/2022 4:41:46 PM)

I am using Windows 10. It does not seem to matter what type of project. I have tried several and they all failed.

JasonC -> RE: Save as PDF (2/11/2022 8:25:24 AM)

I may be able to connect you to someone who can help in our Technical Support department. Can you verify the email address that you signed up with is a good one for us to reach you at?

wnkburns -> RE: Save as PDF (2/11/2022 6:58:57 PM)

The email address is correct. As far as issues go this one is not the top one on my list. Rotated headlines not printing correctly would be number 1 and the help button no longer working would be number 2 (seems like that one would be a really easy fix).

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