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ctullio -> Problem With Face Maker (10/14/2005 8:52:45 PM)

When I try to save a face or when I exit and click ok when it asks me if I want to save the face the yes button is locked and when you click it goes back to the face maker please help me its driving me insane!!

Thank you

Midge -> RE: Problem With Face Maker (10/14/2005 9:04:19 PM)

Hi ctullio,

Since you didn't say exactly which version of Hoyle Casino you are using, I'm not sure this tip will work for you; but, if you are using any CD version of Hoyle Casino, give this a try.

With the Hoyle CD in the drive, go to [Start] [Programs] [Hoyle] then the specific Hoyle game, such as [Hoyle Casino 2004] and then click on [Uninstall Hoyle "game"]

When the Hoyle Setup Maintenance screen appears choose [Repair], then click [Next]

Once it finishes performing the maintenance operation click [Finish].

The Facemaker should work correctly now.

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